Questions to Ask Yourself before Donating to a Charity


Donating to a charitable institution is recommended especially if you are capable of doing so. Sure, not everyone has extra money to give to charity, it is understandable, but what is not acceptable is if you can afford to share but you are not doing it.

Rabbi Moshe Rabin is a teacher, and he believes that sharing is a responsibility you need to put on your shoulder. But of course, you must not do anything unless you are sure about it.

Are you ready to do charity work? Basically, there is no exact formula and qualification when helping. If you want to help, go ahead and help. But just to make everything clear to you, it is recommended that you ask yourself questions that can help you become more effective in this obligation.

To help you get started, here are a few questions you can ponder on:

Do you want to build a long lasting relationship with them?

Do you want to build a long lasting relationship with the charitable institution of your choice? If yes., it is best if you extend not just financial help but yourself as well. You have to devote not just money but also your time, energy and abilities.

Building a good relationship with your chosen charitable institution is a good idea particularly if you really want to make an impact.

Do you have enough money to give?

Of course, leaving something for yourself to live is a must. Do you have more than enough money to share? If so, do not think twice about sharing. There is no reason to feel bad if you do not have anything to share, those who have something to share but not sharing should.

Assess your excess and make sure to find ways to reach those who are in need.

What are your expectations from donating?

What are you expecting from donating? Are you expecting popularity or fame? Or are you helping to give happiness? Are your intentions genuine or you just want to impress?

If your intentions are pure, expectations from donating should be minimal to none.

Which of the many charities would you consider to donate?

There are a lot of charitable institutions that need help. Which of them do you think deserve the help you can share? This is not the easiest to decide on especially if you have very limited money to donate.

But needless to say, you have to focus on your advocacy and as well as the legitimacy of the institution you are planning to help.

As much as you want to give donations just to any institution, you cannot, especially because there are a lot of people around who are taking advantage of the kindness of others.

Not until you solidify the answers from the questions above, helping and donating should not start just yet. Make sure that your donations can reach the proper institutions and not just any institution you encountered the first time.

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