Questions to Ask a Charity before Donating


Moshe Rabin, a Rabbi, commits to provide help to those who want to understand the Jewish beliefs and traditions. As a teacher, he stresses on the importance of helping others particularly for people who can afford to share.

But of course, to anything that you will do that involves goods, money and also time, asking questions is a must. Do not feel uncomfortable asking the charitable institutions with questions that can help you confirm that you are making the right decision on which of the many institutions out there deserve your help.

Not sure what questions to ask a charitable institution? You can start with the following:

What is your charity’s short and long term goals?

Asking their short and long term goals can help you identify if you are sharing the same advocacies with them. Also, by asking this question, you are giving yourself a better idea on what kind and type of help you can offer the institution.

Actually, any help would do, but if you can afford to provide whatever they need to achieve their short or long term goals, ask.

If you have a lot to give, there is no reason not to ask, especially if you want to give a huge impact to the charitable institution you want to donate money or goods to.

Where do you plan to use my donations?

Asking on how and where they will use your donations is a good idea. This is not to question their credibility but to know how far your help can reach. Of course, you want to make sure that any money or goods you will share will be put exactly where you want it.

Some think that this may sound offensive, but if your intentions are pure, there is no reason to hold back.

Besides, there are many institutions out there, and as someone who wants to share their blessings to the best and most qualified charitable institutions, asking where their donations will go is fair.

Who can benefit from your donations is one question you also need to ask under this criterion.

Can I visit your office?

Can you visit their office? Is it okay if you go there to personally give your donations? If you want to make sure that the institution you are trying to help is certified, visiting their office is a good idea.

Sure, how would you know if they are legitimate if you are only talking over the phone.

Just in case you cannot physically visit their office, scanning through their website is also okay.

What do you need?

Before you buy or anything, asking them what they need is a must. Sure, what you want to offer is what the institution truly needs at the moment. Of course, any amount or any kind of donation is okay but if you can give the institution exactly what they need, why not, right? Ask and see if you can afford what they need and if yes, then go ahead and give whatever it is they need. 

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