Is It Better to Give a Huge Amount to One Charity or Small Amount to Multiple Charities


Moshe Rabin being a teacher and a rabbi encourages everyone to do their community responsibilities. If you have money to spare, it is strongly recommended that you share your blessings to those who are in need.

There are many charitable institutions where you can donate anything you can afford to give. One of the usual questions donators ask is, “would they choose to donate a huge amount to one charity or small amount to multiple charities?”.

If you are sharing the same sentiments with everyone, it is suggested that you compare one from the other. And by considering your own preference, you would be able to decide whether one charity or multiple charities.

To help you decide, here are three important things you need to consider:


Do you want a major change to one’s life or a little bit of happiness is what you want to achieve? If what you want is a major help or something that can make someone’s life change drastically, then putting all your donations to just one charitable institution is a good idea, but if it is just simple happiness you want to share, then you can choose to share it with multiple charitable institutions.

Considering your purpose of sharing can help you decide whether to give all your donations to one charitable institution or to multiple institutions.

Clarifying to yourself what you want to achieve from donating can help you a lot when deciding how to divide the money, goods or any donations you can offer.

Available money to donate

How much money can you share? If the money you have on hand is just very minimal, there is no reason to consider multiple institutions because if you do, the donation might be close to negligible.

Basically, you have more flexibility if you have more money to spare. But anyhow, whether big or small, a donation is a donation.

When the money you can donate is limited, it is highly recommended that you share it with one or at the most, two charitable institutions. Make your donations be felt, and try to concentrate to a few institutions if you have limited to give.

Always keep in mind that minimal or small is a lot better than no donations at all.


How far do you want to reach? If you are concerned about influence or popularity, then there is no doubt that sharing with multiple charitable institutions is what you need to consider. But, if it is helping you to focus on and concentrate, it does not matter whether you give your donations to one or multiple charitable institutions.

Whether one or multiple charitable institutions, one thing is for sure, by extending donations to anyone, you are spreading positivity not just to people you were able to offer help but also to everyone around you. Spread the love especially if you have more than what you need in life. 

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